At NATCA, we are committed to transparency and fairness in all aspects of our operations, including the bidding and procurement process.

Here's how it works:

Step One: Register Your Company

To participate in NATCA’s bid solicitation process, you must first register your company on our website. This will allow you to receive information about upcoming public, private and exclusive tender opportunities and request additional information if needed. It is mandatory for all new Bidders, Suppliers and Contractors who wish to participate in Bidding and Tender Opportunities with North America Tender and Contract Authority (NATCA), to register its Company details with NATCA, choosing a subscription option that’s suitable.

On successful registration, a User ID Number is allocated to the registered Bidder/Supplier/Contractor, which allows for a subscriber to submit their BIDs, get detailed information’s about tender opportunity, subscribe for update notification on bids, obtain tender Documents and information and Quotation.

Step Two: Review the RFP Documentation

Once registered, you will have access to the Request For Proposal (RFP) documentation, which outlines the scope of work, timelines, and evaluation criteria for the project. You may also contact the designated NATCA representative listed in the RFP for further clarification.

Step Three: Submit Your Bid

After reviewing the RFP documentation, you may submit your proposal through our online portal. Please ensure that your submission meets all requirements and includes any necessary supporting documents.

Submissions without the Company name registration, quotation and Bid document WILL NOT be accepted by NATCA from unregistered supplier / contractor.

Step Four: Evaluation and Selection

All submissions will be evaluated based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the RFP documentation. A selection committee comprised of representatives from both NATCA and the procuring entity will make the final decision regarding award of contract.

Step Five: Contract Execution

Upon selection, successful vendors will be notified and invited to execute a legally binding contract with NATCA. Payments will be made according to the terms specified in the contract, typically upon completion of milestones or deliverables.

For companies, individual, private or a public sector not from North America who wishes to carry out supply or contract with NATCA should write to [email protected] for registration inquiries

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